Had a great day with the boyfriend. After me and Sonny went to the orthodox church, G called asking if I wanted to go get something to eat. Mom said it was fine and it turned out he wasn’t even hungry, he just wanted to see me. :) Since I wasn’t that hungry either, we decided to go to gameworks since he still had the card and we had credits left. It has been a long time since we went out on a date besides our usual Monday morning breakfast dates. For once he actually kicked my ass in some of the games we were playing except Tekken. haha I also didn’t realize how good of a team we are when it comes to Time Crisis lol After our arms got extremely tired from playing we finally got hungry and decided to try meatheads. It’s a burger joint and to be honest, I didn’t find anything special about it. I had the Californian which is a burger with avocado, wasabi sauce, tomatos and chipotle mayo. It sounded really good but it was just ok. The only thing I really liked were the cajun fries or whatever they were called. Afterwards, my mom called telling me to start heading home since she was going to work and my grandparents were leaving and it was just going to be my sister and brother at home. Got home and they left already and G stayed for a bit. We were watching the Blind Side for a bit and just laying down on the bed. I honestly missed those moments when we used to go back to his house and watch movies and eat chicken nuggets. I just miss him holding me and telling me that he loves me and that we can make it. I know it wasn’t like a romantic date or fancy shmancy but to be honest I like it when our dates are casual and laidback because that’s who we are and we feel comfortable like that. Finally my days are slowly brightening up.